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Kingdom Business Success is a bold enterprise that has everything you need to launch your business with marketing excellence and financial success.

KBS engages every sphere of business development from startups to established businesses. We work together with our clients/partners, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of their vision and needs. You will have access to:

  • Financial consultants and Accounting experts.

  • Information on how to obtain licenses, insurance, or permits for your services.

  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching.

  • Marketing and business growth webinars.  

  • Monthly 'Think-Tank' meetings with exciting professional business presenters.

  • Business cards, flyers, social media banners, and more.

  • Website and logo design.

  • Personal Dress for success training.


KBS is an inclusive yet diverse enterprise that focuses on maximizing business ideas, goals, motivation, and incentives. We have a team of graphic designers, social media, and marketing specialists to assist in designing professional websites, business cards, flyers, and social media banners. KBS is more than a networking platform, we make the difference. 


KBS envisions your business reaching a national and global platform. We help businesses boost their ability to excel in their field of expertise by maximizing their growth potential.  Businesses that will create valuable relationships and have exposure to experienced entrepreneurs and influencers.  KBS is not a one-size-fits-all, but we have solutions that fit all sizes.  Each month we endeavor to deliver a new set of creative ideas and fresh insights.  We are in your business with you!


The fabric of our communities has been ripped to shreds by poor employment, under-educated, and poverty. Many people in our society suffer from poor self-esteem, a lack of vision, and a generational, socio-economic dependence on government programs. KBS is the conduit for transforming people from poverty and lack to confident, socially progressive, and economically productive business builders.  

We inspire people to become the employer and not the employed. We walk you through writing your business plan, designing marketing strategies, applying for licenses and legal requirements for your services, and engaging business networks.  KBS is an exciting enterprise that will propel you to a new level of marketplace productivity in your community.    


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